How It Goes


We are committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure that the Gym provides you with equipment and facilities that offer you a safe environment in which to exercise.

We ask that you make your own decisions about the type and extent of exercise programme you wish to follow.

Upon joining the Gym and during your time as a member we ask you to declare that:

  1. You accept that you must take the time to familiarise yourself with the instructions displayed in the Gym and on the fitness equipment regarding the safe use of the Gym’s fitness equipment. If you decide that you require any assistance in the use of the fitness equipment you will ensure that you make an appointment with a trainer who will assist you to use the Gym’s fitness equipment safely and effectively.

  2. You have considered your own personal fitness requirements and will exercise within your own abilities taking account of any disabilities which you may have.

  3. You accept that the Gym will sometimes not be staffed by a qualified instructor during opening hours and that it is your personal responsibility to stop exercising if you feel ill or require assistance.

  4. You will decide if you have a medical condition that requires advice from your own medical advisor before embarking on an exercise programme at the Club. The PAR Q should help you decide whether you need to help before embarking on an exercise plan.